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Lola; Jacques Demy’s first feature film observes a stunning cabaret dancer Lola (Anouk Aimée) and an unemployed daydreaming Roland (partly autobiographical to Demy’s own life played by Marc Michel) as they struggle to find passion in a 10 year old romance. Like Truffaut, Demy idealizes the Hollywood Golden Age for their whimsical tales and professionalism, but bites harder into the psychological impact of his characters. Lola and Roland both long for their first feelings of true love, but unfortunately only Roland feels this for Lola. Lola’s emotional hardship stems from the 7-year absence of her lover Michael (Jacques Harden), for whom she desperately waits for through emotionless sex from American sailors. Though the story here is a fine tale, the seductiveness of the characters quest to regain the feelings of their first true love allows more for the viewer. Demy seduces an internal interest from the viewer in each of the character’s longing so honestly that our very own nostalgia comes pouring out of our eyes. Because essentially that’s all that we want, a relative character to project our own despair upon. While the theme may seem somber, don’t be fooled, this musical (without the music) will have you smiling till it hurts.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

This has to be the most blown-out covers I've seen all year. Even if the music doesn't tickle you pink (which I hardly believe is even remotely possible) then at least stare at the cover for a good 10 minutes. Between this and Ducktails S/T, Not Not Fun are on a fucking roll.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cruising down Broadway this evening reminded me of the big (2 block) move Reckless Records decided to take earlier this month. It’s rather clear that space was what the store was after and their goal has been inexcusably reached with enough floor to support twenty dozen Sunn amps. While atmosphere is not the foremost factor of a groovy record store, it plays a vital role in your mood. Blank white walls, spacious aisles and bright lighting simply don’t provide enough grit to properly fuck through hundreds of CD covers. Where did the dim-lit claustrophobic setting reminiscent of a favorite venue go? Fortunately, the selection was still in tact and I ran to the Garage/Rockabilly selection with little hesitation. The Sonics…o0o0o…The Dirtbombs….15 bones? Fuck you. After a few moments, I stumbled upon a name I briefly heard in passing awhile back, Black Time. The Reckless sticker described the album as “A more loud and fucked up Jay Reatard”. To add to the appeal of this statement, I noticed the In The Red logo and was more than convinced that I found some holy document of noise. Which I did and here’s the proof.

I've spent a ridiculous amount of time the past few days discovering the Zimbabwean musician known as "The Lion of Zimbabwe", Thomas Mapfumo. Fighting for the independence of Zimbabwe in an honest and high spirited tone; Mapfumo highlights one of the finest revolutionary records in the struggle for human rights and decolonization.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Keren Ann. Quite a dashing woman; accompanied by a voice that could turn any cataclysmic day into a full-on mind rodeo. A rodeo filled with sensitively, empowerment and an unruffled nervous system; not exactly the picture a young lass from Texas would yell in your ear during an overcowarded family gathering. No, I'm afriad the potato salad and "How are you doin'" comments (a banal tradition that will never make clear sense to me) will surface for another hour or so. But if you dare move past this, you'll find a delightful surprise awaiting you.